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Forex Trading Accounts

* Tariffs for the specified accounts are indicated for reference only. We use individual approach for our customers, that’s why we try to find the most comfortable conditions. If the account has a basic currency – like euro, yen, etc., but not dollars, you need to convert the specified amount into the trader’s account currency.

For those who are just starting their acquaintance with the Forex market, it is recommended to choose a demo account, which will allow you to evaluate your trading opportunities without any risks. This is trading with virtual money, which eliminates the risk of loss of personal funds. Having tried various trading options, evaluated the price movement, understood how to create and place positions for buying or selling, you can already try yourself at trading with real account and with real money.


All About Forex Trading Accounts

It is created by trader, it is compared to current bank account, but it is used for currency trading. We offer such account types as Micro, Standard, and Ultra Low. Each of them can be used to successful trading. We would like to emphasize that buying/selling of currency can be carried out on all platform types. Having account in our company, trader gets opportunity to enter personal account and to reach required platform. When registering your account, you should fill in the gaps with your data. This procedure is called “Know Your Customer” and it is carried out to verify the personal data of each client, to protect account data and your deposit. When opening an account, each our client gets specified information to enter Personal Account by email, which was indicated during the registration process. You can manage everything through your personal account, in particular, add or withdraw money, watch and participate in promotions, check out Loyalty Program status, change the leverage type, check what positions are opened, use different instruments for trading, and contact customer support service if needed. We are working to improve the personal account functional features. Like this, our clients receive additional tools, which make possible to change their trading account settings at any time by themselves. You will not need to contact your personal manager if you need to change something in your account settings. Having you account login, you can also access the trading platform. What is TP for the Forex market? This is the place where traders carry out their trading operations. It will display the deposit or withdrawal of money from the account, setting changes in PA.

The account for buying / selling various currencies, stock indexes contracts, stocks, metals and energetics is an account for buying / selling several assets. We offer several account types to be used for these operations: Standard, Micro, Ultra Low. It is important to emphasize that you can trade several assets only within the TP MT5 accounts, which gives access to WebTrader. Having an account that allows you to trade multiple assets, you can use your PA or TP, as well as use WebTrader. When registering an account in TwiceFX, you should fill in the gaps with your data. The procedure is required to verify the personal data of each client, to protect account data and funds. No need to provide additional information about yourself, if your TwiceFX account already exists, it is already in our database. By creating TwiceFX account, each our client will receive information to access Personal Account to email indicated during registration. We are working to improve the personal account functional features. Our clients receive additional instruments, which gives opportunity to chance trading account settings by themselves. You will not need to turn to your personal manager if you need to change something in your account. The logins to enter both trading account and platform are the same. Trading platform is a place where traders carry out their transactions on buying / selling currencies of various types. The platform displays money adding or withdrawal from the trading account, as well as changes in Personal Account settings.

All our clients have the full right to open from 1 to 8 (inclusive) accounts which they find convenient to operate.

These TPs are very similar, but it is impossible to do following on МТ4:

1. to trade stocks;

2. use the WebTrader terminal.

This TP was before the modern TP MT5 appeared. We offer our customers to use MT4 for buying and selling currencies, CFD contracts on stock indices and CFDs on gold and oil. But it will not be possible to sell or buy CFD on shares within it. If you don’t want to open an account to buy or sell on MT5, our customers can use MT4 account for trading as they did before. On MT5 TP you can create account at any time. Micro, Standard, Ultra Low accounts are used on MT4 for trading operation.

MT5 has a wider choice of trading instruments, in particular, currencies, gold and oil contracts, CFD for stock indexes, CFD for stocks for those traders who would like to use them. Using data on the MT5 TP, our client can access the WebTrader terminal from any device. Using one of Micro, Standard, Ultra Low accounts, you have the opportunity for trading on MT5.

Each of our client, using the features of their Personal Account, will be able to add money to their trading account or withdraw it, as well as to perform other operations on any of their accounts.

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