How does CFD work?

We were working to create such platform, which will be as simple as possible for trading. The absolute must have is user-friendly interface, which makes CFD-trading more available. You only need to select the appropriate option in the left side of the screen. What you need to know:

  • Enter the platform using your account.
  • Select CFD in the upper part of toolbar.
  • In the left column select asset type, which you would like to use for trading. This filter can be used to select assets to display: All, Indexes, Forex, Stock, Commodities.
  • Choose asset for investing. On the buttons «Buy» and «Sell» one can see digits, which indicate the factors, considering which the transaction can be successful. For example, digit 1.1158 is shown on «Buy» button, and it is necessary by the end of the trading period that transaction would have the value higher than this digit in order to be frofitable. If the digit would be less than this value, the bargain would be unprofitable.
  • Choose time for the transaction. You should select asset and «Now» and Start right now if needed. In case you need to make your transaction within special conditions, but you don’t want to wait till these conditions occur , probably they will never occur at all, you should choose «Delayed Order» and enter required conditions. As soon as these conditions come, order will start automatically.
  • You can watch how your assets are changing in chart, which is located on the right side of the screen. With the red light With red color quote cost decreases, with green – increases.
The profit or loss of trader, which changes according to the asset value difference when trading begins, and the asset value when it ends – this is the main advantage of CFD trading. To understand if this type of trading suits you, you need to contact manager. You can also learn more about CFD trading by clicking here.

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