Due to the fact that very often we are facing question regarding the funds withdrawal from you trading account at TwiceFX, in this section we will try to give answers to the most frequent of them. If you don’t find the answer to your question, just contact our manager by telephone or write a message in the chat.

How to withdraw money from TwiceFX account?

If your documents are OK, meaning that everything has been updated and confirmed before the withdrawal request, there will be no delay during the process. If the withdrawal is carried out in a new way, verification is required. However, if withdrawal operation was done on a certain card, then for the next time to withdraw money verification is no longer necessary.

The verification process consists of following steps:

  • Verification data conformation. It means identifying person with photo, different document forms might be applied (passport, driving licence, etc.).
  • Residence confirmation. You need to give any proofs that you are a resident of the country that is accepted by TwiceFX. For this you will need such documents: a card statement (bank or credit), utility bill (latest).
  • Conformity statement. In this verification section, you need to check whether all the answers to the questions are honest, correct, and relevant at the moment.
  • Payment method verification. When using a card, you need to send a photo with its image of both sides, indicating only the last 4 digits of its number.
  • After checking all data of your trading account, you need to enter in your personal account in the section of finance withdrawal.

In order to receive earned money, you need to:

  • Fill in the information in appropriate places and amount for withdrawal as well.
  • Press «Send».

This is all about this process. Now one need to wait till the request will be proceeded (maximum 5 working days). To get more information about documents, go to the Documentation Download Guide.

In what way can I withdraw money?

From your trading account you can withdraw money to a credit card or withdraw it to electronic payment system. If the payment system is used for the first time, for the security reasons you need to carefully follow all verification steps that were described above. No request will be done, until we receive all the required documents and check them.

What is the commission amount for fund withdrawal?

The type of your account determines the size of the withdrawal fee:

  • Free of charge, if the funds are withdrawn from Ultra Low o account plans.
  • Monthly free if it is a Micro plan.
  • One free withdrawal, for all next withdrawals there is a commission, if it is Standart plans

Funds withdrawal commission amount:

  • $30/€30/£30 – when using credit card;
  • $30/€30/£30 + 3.5% – when using e-wallet.

When can I send fund withdrawal request?

There is no time limit for the request, so you can do it anytime. After checking verification documents the request will be proceed. Our company is making everything possible so you can withdraw your money as fast as possible, that’s why we try to process all requests within 5 working days.

What is minimum withdrawal amount?

You can withdraw any amount from your trading account if it is more than $ 30 / € 30 / £ 30.

What is maximum withdrawal amount?

Money withdrawal from your trading account is limited solely by the funds that are available on it at the time of withdrawal (available funds). It does not take into account money that are in operation at the time of the withdrawal (orders are opened for them).

How fast will I get my money?

We are constantly working to ensure that our clients receive the best conditions for working in the Forex market, that’s why all withdrawal requests are processed within 5 working days from the moment you made a withdrawal request. Please check the documents status, and if necessary update them. This will help to avoid delays during money withdrawal.

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